Our Objectives


We strive to make humanity better by starting with ourselves and our community!

Save Humanity Organisation Objectives


The objectives of SAHO are set out as follows:


  • To seek humanitarian assistance for needy communities -Food bank and relief activities


  • To facilitate investment on youths, build their leadership capacity and promote self reliance and self employment.- Mentoring, training, volunteering/employment opportunites (Community Angels)  


  • Break the cycle of disadvantage amongst children, youths, elderly and the handicapped/disabled population-Mentoring and training


  • Encourage positive changes in destructive behavioural patterns. Mentoring and training, bringing people together, Community Angels


  • To minimise and bring awareness to the pitfalls of commercial sex, socio-economic issues and crime. Mentoring, workshops and training


  • To provide a non formal, non sexist, gender aware and supportive environment for those with none or minimum formal education to progressively develop.


  • To provide necessary information about issues of gender, health and safety, AIDS/HIV


  • To work alongside community partnerships, the board and other relevant organisations to pursue the aim of reaching our target beneficiaries and communities at large to ensure full accountability.


  • To encourage job creation and further training to enhance the individuals opportunity.


  • To distribute and produce informational products promoting purposes of peace and development, sex and gender, education, drugs awareness, reconciliation and reintergration in the aim to encourage positive personality patterns.